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College Students Provide More Support to The Redcliffe Breakfast Club

Students at Mt Maria College, Petrie, recently opened their hearts to help support the growing need of charitable organisation, The Redcliffe Breakfast Club, to better serve the community in the lead up to the colder winter months.

Students discovered that the Redcliffe Breakfast Club volunteers needed new equipment to deliver breakfast, light meals, and hot drinks to the homeless and those in need, and took it upon themselves to set up a fundraising effort to raise money for a much-needed urn.

Mt Maria College, Petrie, Principal Mr Mike Connolly, along with Teacher of Religion Mr Sean O’Kane, and Year 10 students Georgia Bentley and Braden Morris, recently presented the fund-raised urn to Ms Helen Bambling for The Redcliffe Breakfast Club.

The urn was accepted by Ms Bambling as she expressed her gratefulness on behalf of The Redcliffe Breakfast Club.

“I am very appreciative of the community and the school – very much,” Ms Bambling said in the video above.

“I want to thank everyone on behalf of Breakfast Club; we want to say a very big thank you to you – it’s a wonderful thing and thank you very much.”

Principal Connolly added commentary around the Mt Maria College, Petrie students’ service to community.

“When you’re looking at education, you need to look at the whole person and the whole education – and I think service learning we regard as a very important part,” Mr Connolly explained.

“Servicing the community in a caring way contributes to the personal growth of the students, and it’s this service education that plays a fundamental role in learning experiences at the College.

“We’re here to help the Brekky Club and we’ll continue to do whatever we can to make the lives easier for those people in our community who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves,” said Mr Connolly.

For 52 weeks of the year, College staff and students donate their time to support the Redcliffe Breakfast Club on Monday mornings and Thursday nights.

The College’s The Good Man Project participants attend the Redcliffe Breakfast Club at 5:00am every Monday to help serve breakfast, and on Thursday evenings, College staff and students help serve dinner.

Of his involvement in supporting the Redcliffe Breakfast Club, Mr O’Kane said: “It’s very much a privilege for us to be involved with the Breakfast Club; we feel blessed to be able to do it.

“It’s not until you come and do the Breakfast Club, you get to realise there is a connection between the words of Jesus and what we do in the Catholic classroom.

“And here it is, here’s the living proof – and it’s where the kids can put their faith into action.”

Read more about The Breakfast Club on their Facebook page.