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Meet the 2018 School Captains

The Mt Maria College, Petrie 2018 Captains have been announced after an intensive selection process.

The Principal of Mt Maria College, Petrie, Mr Mike Connolly, introduced (watch the video) two of the three school captains for 2018, while also sharing the college’s plans for a recent funding grant.

School Captain, Jasmine DeMarchi and Vice-captains Saraiyah Pilot (and Oliver Cox-Saunders, who was absent from the interview), undertook a rigorous selection process, which included delivering speeches to the community, being interviewed by staff members, and a final vote.

Jasmine shared her aspirations for 2018 as college captain.

“Excited about working with the college community and supporting the new year-seven students and their parents,” Jasmine DeMarchi said.

Saraiyah added that she is looking forward to continuing her Health and Physical Education Traineeship.

“I’ll be teaching the kids about playing sport and helping teachers in the class to get the kids more involved,” Saraiyah said.

During the announcement of the Captains, Mr Connolly shared news about a recent government grant awarded to the college.

The $2.5M grant will be used to build new buildings for the school, including three science laboratories, five classrooms and a new cafeteria.

The laboratories and cafeteria will be open to the public to allow students to gain real-life industry experience to support their learning journeys.

“The science labs will reflect the state-of-the-art science facilities and really put the emphasis on the science and technologies in those particular rooms,” Mr Connolly said. “We’re very excited about the new developments.”