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RoboCup. Let’s Make Robots!

Students at Mt Maria are engaging in an exciting program using Lego Robotics. These students learn essential skills in block programming and the program used is like the Robotics found in many factories and car assembly plants. Term 1 saw students build and program vehicles that went to battle in the “Term 1 Robo Wars”. They constructed many different robots but the most successful was the all-terrain robot which could operate even when it was turned upside down.

Term 2 will see students build dance robots which will be programmed to respond to a chosen song. The students will be traveling to Brisbane Boys College in July this year to participate in the Robocup Junior Dance and Theatre competition. They will be designing and developing a robot which needs to dance for a total of three minutes. We will even add a costume to the robot to give a Theatrical appearance. Due to the difficulty of the programming and testing of the dance robot, students will take around 7 weeks to develop a successful participant.

The trip to the Robocup will give the added benefits of interacting will other like-minded students which will improve these student’s skills and ability to undertake programming in Lego robotics.  An amazing experience and it gives the students the necessary foundation skills which can lead to rewarding careers both in Industrial Robotics Programming and computer programming in general.