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School Officer Wins Excellence in Teaching Award

Mt Maria College, Petrie School Officer, Mrs Natalie Felschow received the Excellence in Supporting Learning and Teaching Award at the annual Brisbane Catholic Education Excellence in Teaching Awards evening held recently.

Mrs Felschow was nominated by the College Leadership Team, given that her conduct and professionalism well exceeded the selection criteria.

Supporting learning and teaching through the college Exceptional Learners Department, Mrs Felschow works directly with students in classrooms and in small group situations.

Many college staff have said they are proud of Mrs Felschow and her award.

Mt Maria College Acting Assistant Principal, Mrs Selena Fisk said: “Natalie has a range of exceptional skills in her role, but her strength lies in her ability to work with disengaged students to produce their own work in all curriculum areas.”

“Further, she works with students to improve their literacy and numeracy skills and, ultimately, she motivates these students to get back into the classroom after they’ve run into some trouble – and to show respect to their peers, their teachers, and their environment.”

With 14 nominees for the award, Mrs Felschow expressed her gratitude at being nominated.

“It’s genuinely nice to be acknowledged and noticed for the work I do,” Mrs Felschow said.

“And, ultimately, I’d like to acknowledge and thank my amazing team of colleagues at Mt Maria College, Petrie, who allow me to be the best version of myself every day in a job that I absolutely love.”

Mt Maria College Principal, Mr Mike Connolly shared how proud the community felt when the award was announced.

“The college community are extremely proud of Natalie and this recognition of all the great work and dedication that she has shown over the last three years,” Mr Connolly said.

“The Excellence in Supporting Learning and Teaching Award was most definitely well deserved.”

Adding to these sentiments, Mr Pat Webster, Pastoral Leader, said: “Natalie is like a second-mother to many of our kids and she is the embodiment of the key Marist values of ‘presence’, ‘love of work’ and ‘family spirit’.

“On a personal level, I have been incredibly grateful for her time and influence on our young men in The Good Man Project.”

The Exceptional Learners Department provides learning support for all students at the college; it is a place for them to get help with homework, assignments, exam preparation, and a place where students’ general wellbeing is taken care of.

Through her role in the department, Ms Felschow supports teachers in their classrooms, assists students with their curriculum and day-to-day needs, and ensures students can access the curriculum and assessment tasks in ways that supports successful learning outcomes.

Brisbane Catholic Education staff who demonstrate exceptional leadership, teaching, mentoring, and governance were recognised at the annual event.  Nominations are open to all staff and school leadership teams, including administration staff, teachers’ aides, grounds people, and IT support.