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Welcome Back to Term Four

Video Transcript:

Welcome back to term four.

My name’s Mike Connolly, Principal of Mount Maria Petrie.

Term four is traditionally a very busy time for both staff and students, and it’s a time where year 12s are getting ready to part. But in saying that it’s also a very busy time for our young students. So we’re seeing at school at the moment all the students are really getting down to their schoolwork and working really hard.

It’s been encouraging over the last few weeks. We’ve had NAPLAN results come in, and Mt Maria Petrie has increased dramatically in their NAPLAN, our writing. Across the board now, literacy has really improved. And I just heard in the last couple of weeks that BCE have generously given us support for next year for literacy consultants that are going to work with our teachers and students. I’m really excited about this because it’s one of those student improvement things that is something that we value so much, and I can see an enormous improvement coming in all our students.

As I’ve mentioned earlier in the year, our new building is up and getting built, so we’re hoping to be in that by next year. The facilities that we’ve got there will be second-to-none, so it is an exciting time for us here at the community.

At Mount Maria I talk about the whole person, and the holistic learning, and, look, I’ve been so proud of our students and our ministry group, because what I have in my hand here is a pack … that St. Vincent de Paul said many people in our society are living homeless, have no toiletries, and they said what we really could do for them is get together some packs. They were expecting us maybe to get together 30 or 40 packs.

Well as I speak today we have 200 packs already made, and the products keep streaming in. So we will give this to St. Vincent de Paul in Fortitude Valley, and they will give to those people less fortunate than themselves.

And I think it really sums it up on here, on the pack, and it’s a pack, and it says, “You matter.” And I suppose when we talk about “You matter” it’s about everyone mattering: our students, our staff, our parents, our communities. You do matter, and we take it very personally that we can give our very best service to you and give our best to you in the education of your son and daughter.

I just urge you, if you’re looking at enrolments for 2020, you really need to get them going. We’re filling fast in ’20. We’re looking at ’21. ’19 next year. We have some enrolments across the board.

You can come any time, see the college in practise, see the wonderful faculties we’ve got. And you do matter.